L. Hubert & Associates, LLC, a consulting firm


Grassroot Advocacy

Grassroot Advocacy is a form of advocacy which originates within concerned citizens, and it is not facilitated by any form of institution. “Grassroot” refers to a movement which grows organically and spontaneously and takes “stubborn” roots to advocate for a particular issue which may be ignored by those in power.

Participation in this form of advocacy is done through a variety of initiative from writing letters to their political leaders to conducting seminars and creating educational programs to raise awareness for a particular issue of interest.


LH&A clients receive the benefit of our founders 25  years of experience advising elected and appointed government leaders at the municipal, state and federal levels.  Our founder and associates continually provide counsel and and support to congressman, governors and mayors regarding policy and programs.   Subject matter expertise encompasses agriculture policy, human services programming and business development initiatives.  LH&A has a unique capacity for evaluation and assessment of the political landscape – including obstacles and opportunities.

Most important is LH&A’s commitment to guiding our clients in the navigation of both existing and projected environmental factors that impact reaching measurable government sector business goals.  Specifically, LH&A provides the benefit of our experience in government to counsel clients regarding the identification of issues and trends and strategies that will impact industry regulation, policy priorities and program funding.

Government Affairs– LH&A clients can expect support that includes:

LH&A will facilitate introductions and access to legislative and government agency leaders

LH&A will identify key and critical relationships addressing client specific interests

LLH&A will assist clients in the identification and communication with issue specific stakeholders;

LH&A will create and enhance relationships with decision makers;  Evaluation and Assessment of the political landscape;  Aware of the changes in More to come

Business Development

LH&A will apply our knowledge of public sector management to identify business opportunities to capture government procurement opportunities specific to our clients;

LH&A will facilitate our client’s seizing the opportunity to meet government procurement needs in timely and profitable ways;

LH&A will assist clients in the delivery of services in a fashion that meets public sector performance metrics – producing a win win for office holders and public sector program managers;  

Public Policy

LH&A will provide monitoring of legislative initiatives and rule making activity which will impact client’s industry and company objectives;

LH&A will provide insight into proven strategies for advocacy programs to influence public policy – interest groups, stakeholders and decision makers;

LH&A will inform and educate clients regarding the issues, priorities, and trends impacting public policy and government programs;

LH&A will anticipate undercurrents and major shifts in public opinion which will demand changes in public policy and government programs;

LH&A will identify identify and activate functional coalitions aimed at promoting mission critical business objectives